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Welcome to
AFM farmers market!

Market is every
now through
hours 3-7 pm!

                                                           At Adams-Ricci Farmers Market  you will find the 
                                                           seasons' best of local vegetables, fruits, pasture raised
                                                         meats, poultry, eggs, honey, wines, made from scratched
                                                       baked goods, homemade prepared foods and
                                                     hand crafted products.

Our market is on Thursday which starts the third Thursday of May to the last Thursday in October, located at 100 East Penn Drive in the East parking lot. The market opens at 3 pm and runs to 7 pm.

Our mission is to provide access to fresh local food choices, to support local farmers, to improve health & nutrition education, to serve as a community gathering place and to further the economic development of our community.

Wanted Bread Vendor, Pet-Treat Vendor and more!

All kinds of producer vendors are welcome to apply. We are in a great need of a bread baker vendor, a dog/cat treat vendor, micro greens, dairy or any other unique local producer of special products.

If interested in being part of our market check out the market forms tab for more information or send us an email.

Contact us at:

Cranberry walnut bread img.jpg
little dog face_edited.jpg

Music for Market

Musicians wanted: soloist, group, big band, or school students to play outdoors while folks are shopping for the fresh & best produce, fruits, meats and more in season. 


We ask that you play for an hour and a half at least. For sharing your talent you'll receive some greens - $50 and up $150 it all depends on group size to complexity. Interested? Have questions?

Contact us at 

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